gta online

The Tax Season is underway in GTA Online, and in celebration, players will be getting some great bonuses and tax rebatesRockstar announced. From now until February 26, anyone who logs into the game will receive $250,000 as a reward. This isn’t all that Rockstar has planned as there are a lot more benefits players can make use of during this season.

From now until February 26,  for any amount of cash that a player spends in the game, they will receive a 10% rebate, up to a total of $1 million in cashback. These bonuses and cashback rebates will start rolling out to the player’s Maze Bank account from between February 27 until March 6. This is a great time to make as many in-game purchases as you possibly can, so make sure you make full use of these offers.

Thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below. The game is now available on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.