ps4 xbox switch

As with many third parties, Ubisoft have found that the bulk of their software sales come from Sony’s PlayStation 4- and that was also the case last quarter, with Sony’s console contributing 44% of all software sales that they registered for the three moth period. Doubtless, a bulk of those sales were for Assassin’s Creed Origins, which launched last quarter to general acclaim.

Xbox One surged to second place last quarter- again, presumably on the back of Assassin’s Creed– representing 25% of all software sales. PC came in third place with 15% of all software sales, while the Nintendo Switch, with 6% sales, was fourth place. The Switch’s performance is particularly impressive here, given that it saw no new release from Ubisoft over this period.

Ubisoft should have a strong quarter again next, with Far Cry 5 slated for release next month, and apparently tracking to be the best selling game in the series so far.